Yes, we've got one together.  AND it goes a lil' somethin like this (for all the midwestern / south midwestern? folk) :

9/20 Champaign, IL Mike N Molly's

9/21 Louisville, KY Zazoo's

9/22 Lexington, KY CD Central

9/23 Bloomington, IN Rachael's Cafe


We're also happy to be a part of Tom Schraeder's "Chicago, I Love You" 30 Day Festival in September, celebrating Chicago's immense arts scene.  We'll be on day 14, Friday at Lilly's!

Check out the rest of the acts here:


Did we mention we'll be playing a show with our friends Birds & Batteries?!  They're a great band from the Bay Area.  The Noise FM will be headlining this awesome night.  Come to this one- Sept 6 at Township 9 pm.  Be there or miss out.