Gossip Wolf: A flood of new tapes from Teen River 

Quicksails, Cool Memories, and more. Plus: News from superduo Acteurs (Disappears, White/Light) and indie-pop trio Moritat.

Don't forget Moritat

Chicago indie-pop power trio Moritat tell Gossip Wolf that they've been working on a few new projects, including a video for "I Forgot to Kiss Her" (from their debut LP, Clill Blanzin), which they say is full of "kick ass, high quality animation with green screens and all that." Also on their docket is an EP of remixed album tracks featuring notable local peeps such as Brian Deck and psych-groovers Cave, plus a version of "Automatic Lover" reworked by The-Drum that's allegedly "FUKKIN cool." Moritat play Township on Thu 1/31 with KO and Sleepy Monster.