January 25 Friday Sleeping Village w In Tall Buildings and Chandeliers



July 24 Monday Empty Bottle w Charles Mantis and Evening Glow


November 4 Friday Township w Coins and The Runnies

June 11 Saturday Remix Fest Chicago Logan Square

April 16  Saturday CIMM FEST Township Chicago

March 18 Friday Empty Bottle Chicago w Monikr and Tiny Fireflies


September 23 Wednesday Empty Bottle Chicago w Brigitte

September 10 Thursday Coffeehouse & Deli Bloomington, IL w Jimmy Whispers, Vivian McConnell, and Teaadora

August 30 Sunday The Whistler Chicago w Daniel Weber

August 19 Wednesday Small's Hamtramck, MI w The Vonneguts, Sleepless Inn and The Whiskey Charmers

August 17 Monday The Fire Philadelphia, PA w The Mellowells and Old Head

August 16 Sunday The Middle East Corner Cambridge, MA w Pasture Dog and Leigh Cheri

August 15 Saturday Pine Box Rock Shop Brooklyn, NY w Bodies Be Rivers, Ferdy Mayne, and Odysseus Finn

August 14 Friday Pianos Manhattan, NY w Sugarquief, Liam and Me, Raccon Fighter, and The Bailey Hounds

August 12 Wednesday Howler's Pittsburgh, PA w The Van Allen Belt and Middle Children

August 11 Tuesday The Bevy Lakewood, OH w Joshua Jesty and Polars

July 24 Friday The Metro w The Scenic Route and Deanna Devore

June 24 Wednesday The Peninsula Hotel Terrace Party Private Event 

June 6 Saturday The Burlington w Brontosaurus (Record Release) and Campdoggz

May 20 Wednesday The California Clipper

April 2 Thursday Hideout  w The Van Allen Belt and KO

Feb 9 Free Monday Empty Bottle High Plus Tight Record Release Show w special guests Chandeliers and Gel Set and Tap Takeover by Dryhop Brewers!

Dec 29 Free Monday Empty Bottle Chicago Singles Club Showcase w Absolutely Not, Bring Your Ray Gun, and VAYA

Dec 2 Tuesday Empty Bottle w Axons, Spaces of Disappearance, and Zigtebra


May 2 Friday The Burlington CIMM Fest Panda Riot/SexyFights

March 16 Sunday Schubas Tavern The Limbos

January 10 Friday Reggies Rock Club SXSW Showdown 


November 9 Saturday Multi Kulti Benefit for Humboldt House

October 19 Saturday Hostel Earphoria  

October 18 Friday Coles Chicago I Love You Free Week

September 28 Saturday Township Many Places/Field Auxillary/Handsome Lady

September 13 Friday Lincoln Hall Cellrs/PJ's my cousin too

August 17 Saturday Hideout, Chicago TND Fundraiser

August 10 Saturday Subterranean, Chicago Foreign Fields/Coins

July 10 Wednesday Logan Square Farmer's Night Market   

July 1 Monday Beat Kitchen, Chicago Hunter Hunted/Bestfriends 

June 28 Friday Chicago Ultra Violet Petting Zoo Benefit For Boys and Girls Club

June 19 Wednesday The Whistler, Chicago The Humminbird

May 25 Saturday Cole's, Chicago The Dirty Pigeons/Heavy Eyes

April 21 Sunday Strobe Studio, Chicago Brendan Losch/Young Moons

April 14 Sunday Melody Inn, Indianapolis IN Midwest State of Mind/Pocket Vinyl

April 12 Friday Heavy Anchor, St. Louis MO Earth Program/Boreal Hills/Moon Glampers

April 11 Thursday Mike N Molly's, Champaign IL Dr Responsible/Dick Reynolds

February 24 Sunday Empty Bottle, Chicago Sons of the West/Property of Saints

January 31 Thursday Township, Chicago KO/Sleep Monster

January 27 Sunday Lemmons, St. Louis MO Kid Scientist

January 25 Friday Mike N Molly's, Champaign IL MOTES/Little Lies

January 24 Thursday Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines IA New Member Charles/Strange Matter

January 12 Saturday Next Door Chicago 2 sets


October 8 Monday Empty Bottle, Chicago Stolen Silver/Go Long Mule

September 23 Sunday Rachael's Cafe Bloomington, IN Lydia Burrell/Leftmore

September 22 Saturday CD Central (in store performance) Lexington KY

September 21 Friday Zazoo's, Louisville KY  Lydia Burrell/Ultratone

September 20 Thursday Mike 'N' Molly's Champaign, IL Cloudmanner/Shadows on a River

September 14 Friday Lilly's (Chicago I Love You Fest), Chicago Ami Saraya/Dastardly

September 6 Thursday Township, Chicago  Birds & Batteries/Noise FM

July 21 Saturday Milwaukee Ave Arts Festival, Chicago

June 29 Friday Subterranean, Chicago (Record Release) Northpilot/AO/Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers

June 25 Monday The Whistler (Record Release) Northpilot

June 9 Saturday Old Town Art Fair, Chicago

March 2 Friday Martyrs', Chicago Animal City/Color Card

February 20 Monday Schubas Tavern, Chicago Stolen Silver/Dick Prall


December 9 Friday Empty Bottle, Chicago  Pterodactyl/American Royalty/Flux Bikes

November 6 Sunday Panchos, Chicago Touch People/I luv luv Birds/XYZR_KX

October 15 Saturday Quenchers Saloon, ChicagoPinto and the Bean/Rows of Arrows

June 29 Wednesday Double Door, ChicagoPezzettino/Archeology/South Sol

May 11 Wednesday Beat Kitchen, ChicagoThe Ragtones/Bears of Blue River/Later

January 26 Wednesday Quenchers Saloon, ChicagoJesse Thomas & his Electric Band


November 28 Sunday The Whistler, ChicagoBaby Magic

August 24 Tuesday The Whistler, Chicago Julie Meckler

July 16 Friday Cole's Bar, ChicagoMichael Videogames/Big Boxxclusives

June 10 Thursday Double Door, Chicago  Perseus Noble/Splendid Ape

February 18 Thursday Double Door, ChicagoPerseus Noble

January 26 Tuesday Subterranean, ChicagoTy Maxon/Perseus Noble


November 22 Sunday Quenchers Saloon, Chicago

October 22 Thursday Silvie's, Chicago

August 6 Thursday Silvie's, Chicago

July 12 Sunday Reggie's Music Joint, Chicago

June 6 Saturday Bottom Lounge, Chicago

May 23 Saturday Hotti Biscotti, Chicago

April 30 Thursday Quenchers Saloon, Chicago

April 7 Tuesday Darkroom, Chicago